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Capria Network members commit to deep collaboration to help deliver superior results. They all have access to and contribute to significant shared resources and expertise for fund setup, fund operations, access to capital, and, most importantly, peer learning.

Explore a few of the ways that Capria Network members CONNECT, COLLABORATE, and CREATE to deliver superior results.


Opportunity to connect to a global virtual firm comprised of experienced and diverse investment professionals through — 


Collaboration in a high-trust environment to collectively solve common challenges and invest in great companies through — 


Creating a best in class platform for making and managing impact investments in emerging markets through — 

Power of Network Effect as demonstrated in

Capria Quantum

Capria Quantum is a comprehensive, capabilities assessment tool used by Capria to benchmark and support impact investment firms on their journey to become top-tier players.

This assessment generates actionable insights via a methodology based on Unitus Group’s 10+ years of fund creation and management activities, based on its Partners’ 40+ years of funding experience in Silicon Valley and globally as well as on Capria’s continuous evaluation of hundreds of fund managers from around the world.

Network intensive

The Intensive is the formal onboarding to the Capria Network and brings together fund managers from around the world for an executive peer-learning experience, led by Capria principals based on their real-world practical experience, designed to propel participants to the next level of their investment firm’s development


Capria offers a variety of eLearning courses specifically designed for 1st time through experienced (2nd – 4th time) fund managers.The courses are taught by Capria’s experienced Partners, with some also featuring content from external experts. In addition, fund managers have a chance to learn from one another by watching and reflecting on rich discussions that occurred in intensive workshops with other experienced fund managers. 

Virtual workshops

To continue the collaboration that starts during the Intensive, the network hosts bi-weekly virtual workshops open to all network members. The workshops provide a forum for ongoing sharing of knowledge and best practices through deep discussions across the 8 Quantum areas. With 24 workshops a year there is opportunity for any network member to request a session on a specific topic or lead/contribute to a session on an area they are expert on.

deal reviews

Deal reviews are opportunities for network members to present a deal they are evaluating to other members of the network and get feedback, questions, insights, and introductions that might help them to make a better investment decision or support their portfolio company. The network members who are listening to the deals get insight into how other firms diligence companies and make investment decisions. Any network member can present a deal at one of the bi-weekly deal review slots.

Content Library

Access an extensive resource library with 300 resources across 8 quantum categories that are aimed at helping funds move forward in their identified areas of improvement. Resources include templates, guides, presentations, best practices, fund one-pagers, videos, investment memos, and more. If a resource doesn’t exist in the library there is a network of experienced fund managers at your fingertips waiting to share their knowledge with you.

Shared databases

Warm introductions are much more successful than cold emails. Gain instant access to a network of networks that includes shared contacts in databases dedicated to Investors, Media, Sector Experts, and Portfolio Companies

Leadership Circles

Leadership circles are small working groups within the broader Capria Network. Anyone in the network can suggest a new leadership circle on a topic they are interested in exploring more in depth with the Network or join an existing leadership circle. Topics include sectors such as Education or Fintech, Impact & ESG, or Co-Investing within the Network.

Capria Co-Create

Co-Creates provide the opportunity for network members to connect face-to-face in various settings throughout the year. Co-Create Global is a once a year gathering of all network funds in a rotating location and Co-Create Regionals provide a forum for funds in specific geographies (Africa, Asia, Latin America) to connect closer to home.

Industry Reports & Articles

An archive of 3rd party reports organized by geography and sectors relevant to Capria Network members. 150+ reports available to Network members at any time.

Special Access to Events

Capria Network has partnerships with leading industry organizations and conferences to offer special access and reduced rates and fares to network members.

Team Recruitment

Capria leverages its platform and brand to attract and recruit top tier talent that apply through the Capria website to work with Capria Network funds around the world. In addition to getting access to talented intern/fellows and full-time staff, Capria Network funds share best practices in team structure, management and retention.


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